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HEYBO is the home-grown InsurTech that offers on-demand day-to-day microinsurance protection at a low entry cost.


At just a push of a toggle in HEYBO, you can activate or deactivate your protection instantly. At just a simple input of your documents in HEYBO, you can receive your compensation via Faster Payment System to your bank account instantly. 


We strongly believed that insurance experiences shall be personalized, convenient, and accountable.

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Instant Protection

Speedy Claims 

Bo by day 

If you choose the “one-day” option, the protection will be effective until 11:59 pm (Hong Kong time) of the effective day. You will only be charged for that particular day.

If you choose the “auto-extend” option, the protection will continue to be effective. The total premium shall be determined by the number of days the “auto-extend” option remains on.

Protection plans are microinsurance policies charged on a daily basis


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Easy buy

With the HEYCOINS app, you can purchase an on-demand day-to-day insurance plan and receive claims directly at your fingertips. Activate your protection with a swipe of a slider button, submit a claim, or receive settlement all in one app.

You can purchase the products with either HEYCOINS Reward Points or a Credit Card.




Easy claim

You can choose to receive your compensation via FPS or HEYCOINS Reward Points and submit your claim instantly with supporting documents in the app. Successful applicants can receive the compensation in 3 working days.



Sports Protection

Need for an adrenaline rush from sports but worried that you might got injured having been away from sports for some while? Our on-demand sports protection is here to help. Covering medical reimbursement and subsidy resulted from sports injuries of over 70 sports activities, this versatile protection plan is best suited for people with an active lifestyle. Just toggle on the protection before you get moving!


Need a getaway? Our flexible protection is designed for folks who enjoy a quick impromptu trip around the Greater Bay Area or have to travel for work from time to time. Providing basic medical coverage against minor accidental injuries, the coverage period can be easily extended if you decide to prolong your stay!

On-the- Road




download link from google play
download link from the app store

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